Cor­por­ate law

The notarial department assists with setting up, amendments to and maintaining concern structures, as well as their governance

Our services

Extensive corporate law knowledge

We advise medium-sized and large (listed) companies, government bodies and private equity parties on corporate law matters.  Our (candidate) civil-law notaries work closely with lawyers and tax advisers.  Besides providing tailor-made advice in the field of corporate law, our (candidate) civil-law notaries have an extensive experience in the overall coordination of (cross-border) restructuring. Since HVG Law is a part of the global EY Law network, we can also engage specialists in other jurisdictions to assist in cross-border restructuring or transactions where necessary.


Our services consist of the following:

  • incorporating companies, amending the articles of association and transferring shares
  • advising on the governance of companies
  • establishing a right of pledge
  • providing guidance through the procedure of executing capital increases and capital reductions
  • preparation of corporate resolutions
  • (cross-border) conversions and (cross-border) mergers and demergers
  • carrying out the overall (inter) national project coordination of restructurings and acquisitions

"Due to our extensive knowledge, we can assist clients in all corporate law matters."

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