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Gustave Bevers

Candidate Civil Law Notary

Gustave Bevers

Gustave Bevers

Corporate M&A | Civil Law Notaries | Amsterdam


Gustave Bevers has worked in the notarial advice practice from 1996 and is part of the expertise Corporate M&A. He has national as well as international experience in company law and the law of legal persons. Gustave mainly focuses on assistance and advice for private and semi-public institutions, care institutions and government agencies in the field of takeovers, joint ventures, governance, (re)structuring, mergers and divisions and privatisation processes.


Gustave’s specialisms include:

  • Reorganisations
  • Restructuring projects
  • Legal mergers
  • Legal demergers
  • Acquisitions

Additional information

Gustave is a graduate of the University of Leiden. He has been working in the civil law notarial advice practice since 1996. In 2016 Gustave Bevers was sworn in as an assigned civil law notary. He is assigned to the protocol of civil law notary Sandra van Loon. As an assigned civil law notary Gustave has the same authority as a civil law notary and can execute deeds independently.

Contact information

[email protected] +31 6 29 08 37 56