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Assist current or new management and the selling shareholders

Management buy-out

A management buy-out occurs when the management decides to buy out one or more existing shareholders or when the shareholder resigns in the context of business succession or because the company is no longer part of the core-business of the group or is loss-making. In many cases, management buy-outs are realised with the help of borrowed capital.

Management buy-in

In a management buy-in, someone from outside the organisation buys into the ownership and management of a company. As with a management buy-out, a management buy-in is often a phased process in which the current owner gradually withdraws.

Achieving the best result

Our team assists both the current or new management and the selling shareholders. We are deal makers who aim to achieve the best possible result from a management buy-in or buy-out. Where necessary, our strategic alliance with EY Tax can also put extensive tax and financial expertise at your fingertips.

"Achieving the best result is paramount."

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