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Expert advice on all legal and regulatory issues relevant to the sector

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Including joint ventures, M&A, power purchase agreements, grid connection and transportation, trade and supply contracts

Our team deals with all legal and regulatory issues relevant to the sector, including contracts and transactions relating to oil, gas, LNG, electricity, heat, waste and water. We advise energy companies and producers, small and large (industrial) consumers, as well as start-ups, project developers, service providers, governments, investors, banks, (public and private) network operators and traders of energy, carbon, guarantees of origin and other energy-related products.


Our experts are closely involved in complex transactions, proceedings and projects across the energy industry, covering all areas of law, including:

  • energy and contract law
  • corporate M&A
  • regulatory & compliance
  • (project) finance
  • public and environmental law
  • procurement and construction
  • international, EU and competition law
  • IP, branding and privacy
  • ADR, litigation and arbitration

“M&A and finance transactions in the energy sector have their own dynamics.”

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