Pre- & Post-Mer­ger restruc­tur­ing

We have developed a broad vision of legal issues imposed by external and internal business transitions, and an aptitude for developing creative, novel and pragmatic solutions.

Our services

We understand your business

Whether prompted before, during or after an acquisition, spin-off, takeover or internal restructuring, multinationals face a multitude of challenges. Our Corporate Restructuring team assist you in managing and optimizing the changes to your corporate organization more effectively. High quality strategy driven legal advice, sophisticated project management and a deep understanding of the underlying business and industry dynamics help you to enhance the value of a transaction and reduce risks and operational disruption.

Multidisciplinary approach

HVG Law can assist with the execution of a variety of corporate restructuring activities, such as:

  • Pre-Transaction Restructuring, including cross-border spin-offs, divestitures and separations
  • Post-Acquisition Integration of acquired company groups
  • Operational and Tax Reorganizations, designed to create efficient group structures
  • Group Simplification Projects, aimed to remove surplus companies and enhance transparency

"Post-merger restructurings require a deep understanding of the underlying business."