Leg­al Com­pli­ance / Cor­por­ate Sec­ret­ari­al ser­vices

Faced with the complexity of increased laws and regulations, organizations need legal advice to comply with applicable laws and regulations

Our services

Staying focused on business operations

We assist clients to ensure they meet their legal obligations and to give them a clear overview of the specific corporate legal requirements and the potential implications of not adhering to those requirements. Also, recurring business events such as board meetings and the adoption, approval and filing of the annual accounts, may shift the management’s focus away from the key operations of the company.

We can offer you control and certainty of your local statutory compliance position and local corporate data, forming a core part of a genuine governance framework available globally. Through us, clients have access to EY Law’s technology solutions – globally – offering real time access to corporate data and compliance status reporting worldwide. We are a one stop shop for clients to manage their increasingly complex legal entity responsibilities.

One-stop shop for managing responsibilities

Broadly speaking, we offer clients:

  • Global capability and consistent process
  • Real time visibility and control of legal entitities
  • Full compliance and mitigation of risks
  • Compliance (legal filings, organizational charting)
  • Transaction support (including Board of Directors support services and the management of changes to directors, bank account authorities and share capital)
  • Advisory services (including Board reviews, secondments, global subsidiary policy drafting and reviews and functional department reviews)
  • Health checks for legal entities to ensure full compliance

"We assist organizations in maintaining focus on their business operations."