"New legislation makes it more difficult to dismiss an employee who performs inadequately."

Huub van Osch

Associate Partner / Lawyer

Huub van  Osch

Huub van Osch

Labor & Employment / Eindhoven


Huub van Osch is a very experienced employment lawyer who specialises in employment law issues at the interface of employment law and corporate law. He manages the Employment Law practice group in Eindhoven.


Huub has specialised knowledge and experience in the field of  restructuring, employee participation, (collective) dismissal, reorganisation, Collective Labour Agreement issues, negotiations with trade unions, outsourcing, privacy issues, modification of terms of employment, dismissal of directors in accordance with the articles of association, HR strategy and employment law assistance during mergers and acquisitions.

Huub often acts as a sounding board for boards of directors of large and medium-sized enterprises because of his capability of being able to think outside the box and his practical approach.

Additional information

Huub graduated from the University of Maastricht in the subjects of private and corporate Law in 1996. In 2001, Huub successfully completed the PALA post-graduate employment law course. Huub has since been a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN).

Since 2005, he has been a lecturer at the VU University of Amsterdam in the postdoctoral course of the VU University Law Academy where he lectures on the subject “employment law in practice”. In addition, Huub regularly gives readings at various institutions and arranges seminars for clients.

Huub has published various employment law publications in his name, for instance in Het Financieel Dagblad (Financial Daily Paper), De Telegraaf (The Telegraph), NRC (Trade Paper), Tijdschrift for Arbeidsrecht (Employment Law Magazine) and magazines for HR professionals. As a member of the expert group on the right of participation of the Dutch Employment Law Association (VvA), Huub has been involved in various publications, namely:

  • “The future of the participation right, Recommendations to the legislature”, published in 2009, edited by Prof. Mr L.C.J. Sprengers and Mr Dr. G.W. van der Voet.
  • “The territory of the (Dutch) works council in international business and industry”, published in April 2009 in ArA (Employment Law Annotations).

Contact information

huub.van.osch@hvglaw.nl + 31 6 55 44 20 48