COVID-19: Pension – pen­sion premi­um defer­ral or reduc­tion


Pension premi­um defer­ral or reduc­tion can reduce liquid­ity prob­lems for our cli­ents.

In these COVID-19 times a lot of employ­ers deal with liquid­ity prob­lems due to a loss of turnover. This could also have impact on the pay­ment of pen­sion premi­ums related to the pen­sion schemes that are applic­able to employ­ees. We cre­ated an over­view of pos­sib­il­it­ies to reduce the liquid­ity prob­lems by mak­ing use of the NOW-arrange­ment, pen­sion premi­um defer­ral or reduc­tion of pen­sion premi­um.

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