Ioniqa Tech­no­lo­gies B.V.

HVG Law has assisted Ioniqa Technologies with the closing of a significant growth investment round by Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastic Fund


Ioniqa Technologies B.V. is pleased to announce a significant growth investment by Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund to help accelerate the scale-up and roll out of its enhanced PET Polyester recycling technology.


Ioniqa’s innovative technology upcycles low-grade post-consumer plastic waste to a virgin-like quality feedstock. With the ability to process colored plastic waste flakes Ioniqa’s technology offers a solution to process PET waste that is currently non-recyclable, creating a recycled material suitable for high quality food grade applications. Ioniqa has successfully demonstrated this technology in an industrial production facility in The Netherlands, and is now bringing it to market with strategic licensing partner Koch Technology Solutions.


Ioniqa is a clean-tech spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands), specialized in creating value out of waste by using its proprietary circular technology. With a cost-effective process, Ioniqa is able to close the loop for plastics, starting with PET plastics. Winner of the 2019 National Icon and supported by Dutch ministry of economic affairs, Ioniqa’s innovation transforms all types and colours of PET waste into valuable sources for ‘virgin-quality’ recycled PET.


Infinity Recycling was established in 2019 to create markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in advanced technologies that enable circularity in the plastics industry. Their first offering, the Circular Plastics Fund, contributes to solving the plastic waste problem and unlocking much-needed capacity in high- in-demand recycled commodities. The fund implements a return and impact-driven investment strategy that drives value creation in advanced recycling and accelerates the transition to a circular economy for plastics.


Press release: Funding of Ioniqa’s enhanced recycling business of PET Polyester – ioniqa

"We congratulate Ioniqa with the successful closing of this new investment round and are proud that we again have been able to assist them with this important transaction."

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