Leg­al Entity ration­al­iz­a­tion

In today's highly competitive economy, many businesses are facing increased pressure to reduce costs, mitigate risks and eliminate inefficiencies

Our services

How up-to-date is your corporate structure?

As organizations grow and gradually become more complex, it is key to periodically evaluate complexities within your group structure – are these required, or can they be reduced or even eliminated? An efficient corporate structure will not only result in cost savings, but will also enhance the organization’s flexibility, benefit your business operations, minimize costs and optimize profits.

Streamlining and simplifying complex, global structures

We help preparing, developing, implementing and maintaining a wieldy structure through:

  • Centralized Project Management throughout an entire Legal Entity Rationalization project, Group Structure Validation and Legal Entity Review
  • Strategic Elimination Plans (mergers, liquidations, etc.)
  • Due Diligence Reviews for each target
  • Resolution of Barriers and Initial Rationalization of the legal entity structure
  • Tailormade advice, adapted to your business needs, on futureproof legal entity rationalization

"As costs of maintaining legal structures continue to increase, it is key to put emphasis on creating and maintaining an efficient and sustainable legal entity structure."