Due dili­gence

In the event of an acquisition or participation, a legal due diligence investigation is crucial

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Vendor due diligence

When a company is being sold, a vendor due diligence serves several purpose, including helping to make the company fit for sale. Our team maps out what information needs to be provided to a buyer and provides early-stage clarity about the risks involved, so that these may be eliminated where possible. Setting up the data room with all the relevant due diligence documents also contributes to the buyer’s due diligence investigation.

Step-by-step plan for (vendor) due diligence

  • examination of documents
  • preparation of (vendor) due diligence report
  • setting up and managing a data room containing due diligence documents
  • translating the risks identified into the legal documentation required
  • transparent and targeted

Transparent and targeted

Investigating what you buy or sell is not just a legal obligation: after all, the board of directors can be blamed if matters have not been properly investigated in advance and if inaccuracies are discovered later on. It also adds value to the entire sales and integration process. Are the assumptions correct and is the financial information in line with legal reality?

Our team has extensive experience in the field of (vendor) due diligence. We are able to efficiently provide a clear understanding of the facts and risks that are relevant to our clients. The results of our legal due diligence investigation are clear and come with practical advice. In this way, it becomes clear quickly and easily what the risks involved are and what (legal) measures need to be taken. Where necessary, our strategic alliance with EY Tax can also put extensive tax and financial expertise at your fingertips.

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