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We advise and litigate about all aspects of tenancy law

Our services

Advice from the very start to the signing of the lease agreement

Our Real Estate team has experienced and specialised tenancy lawyers.

We advise and litigate on leasing and renting offices and business premises, retail space, residential space, care homes and multistorey car parks.

We are happy to advise you on renting or leasing real estate. We can provide added value at every stage, from the very start (LOI phase) until the actual signing of the lease agreement.

Sustainability is often a topic of discussion for both current and new lease agreements. Real estate owners and users are getting increasingly more obligations regarding sustainability. For example, as of 2023 the Building Decree no longer allows the use of office space with an energy label above C. Legislation is changing rapidly. We are following these changes closely and come up with creative solutions to properly divide both costs and risks.


Our services include drawing up, assessing and negotiating all contract documentation (LOI, lease agreement, security and cooperation agreements).

We can also be of service to you, in and out of court, in the event of disputes for example concerning the interpretation or performance of a lease agreement, completion, rent reviews or a tenant’s bankruptcy.

"Sustainability is not a buzzword. Our task is to ensure that a lease agreement can last for up to 30 years."

Sander van Leeuwen

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