Involve employees and clients in decision-making in good time

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Strategic approach to co-determination issues

To enable healthcare institutions to function properly, and to create support for the decisions to be taken, it is essential to involve employees and clients in decision-making in good time and to listen to employees’ views and interests. After all, Works Councils and Clients Councils have the right to be consulted about decisions that are important for the healthcare institution and a right of consent regarding the introduction of schemes with important consequences for employees and clients. Many co-determination issues require a fast and strategic approach. We advise healthcare institutions on how to design their co-determination (e.g. when the organisational structure changes because of a merger, acquisition or restructuring), on the drafting or assessment of rules and covenants, in advisory and consent procedures and in various participation-related disputes. We can also assist you with the implementation of the Participation (Clients of Care Institutions) Act 2018.

"We relieve institutions of their legal burden so that they can direct their full attention to their social role: providing good healthcare."

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