Cash man­age­ment

The Finance law team advises on cash management solutions, including cash pooling, payment factories and in-house bank structures

Our services

Cash pooling

Global solutions to manage financial resources and risks via centralization of treasury activities provide companies with better control and increasing transparency. The Finance law team can assist in setting up cash pool structures together with the Transfer Pricing professionals of EY. The team focusses on advising on and drafting intragroup cash management agreements under which intragroup relations are structured, cross guarantees are provided and tailormade clauses per jurisdiction can be included to cover mandatory law subjects.

In-house bank structures

Group treasury companies can have more extensive functions and can also act as an “in-house bank”. Typical functions which can be centralized are corporate funding, intercompany financing, cash and liquidity management, financial risk management as well as the establishment of an intragroup netting system and payment factory. The in-house bank has a clearing function and settles payables and receivables to the extent possible. The Finance law team has extensive experience in advising on and drafting netting and settlement agreements in multidisciplinary teams.

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