Cor­por­ate gov­ernance

Facing the complexity of the vastly increasing labyrinth of regulations

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A balanced control structure

More than ever companies need to comply with ever-shifting regulations worldwide, more and more rigorous enforcement practices and heightened disclosure requirements. The current business environment requires the highest levels of transparency, investor confidence, shareholders’ trust and corporate governance.

In accomplishing this, it is key to have and maintain a clear and balanced control and governance structure. An efficient, well-organized corporate governance structure facilitates the company’s business activities, internal and external financing, as well as the free flow of capital within the structure. Our team is not only on top of the latest developments in law, we also bring proven judgment and perspective to each case.

Understanding the business implications of corporate governance

With an comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, HVG Law helps clients creating and maintaining an efficient, clear and balanced control structure through comprehensible and pragmatic advice on the legal and business implications of corporate governance, including matters on:

  • Identification of legal implications of the corporate governance structure
  • Advising on Dutch corporate governance mandatory regimes, such as the ‘large company regime’
  • Board Structure and Composition
  • Implementation of Corporate Bodies, such as Supervisory Boards
  • Evolving trends and Best Practices for Corporate Governance, including review and updating of Articles of Association

"A balanced corporate governance structure directly results in more efficient decision-making."