Bank­ruptcy Van­Moof B.V., Van­Moof Glob­al Sup­port B.V. and Van­Moof Glob­al Hold­ing B.V.


On 17 July 2023 the Court of Ams­ter­dam declared the Dutch leg­al entit­ies Van­Moof Glob­al Hold­ing B.V., Van­Moof B.V. and Van­Moof Glob­al Sup­port B.V. bank­rupt. Mr. Padberg and Mr. De Wit have been appoin­ted as the trust­ees.


B2B: Cred­it­ors (sup­pli­ers):

If you have a claim on Van­Moof B.V., Van­Moof Glob­al Sup­port B.V. and Van­Moof Glob­al Hold­ing B.V., we invite you as B2B cred­it­or to sub­mit your claim online via Please make sure that you sub­mit your claim in the creditor’s list of the cor­rect entity, being the entity you have an agree­ment with (Van­Moof B.V., Van­Moof Glob­al Hold­ing B.V. or Van­Moof Glob­al Sup­port B.V.). Even if you have already sub­mit­ted your claim by email or via reg­u­lar post, it is still needed that you sub­mit the claim in Claim­sAgent. You can register as a cred­it­or through a secure inter­net con­nec­tion, then you will receive login inform­a­tion to access your own account. Please also upload sup­port­ing doc­u­ments for your claim in Claim­sAgent (e.g. invoices, order con­firm­a­tions, cor­res­pond­ence). As a res­ult, the claim is imme­di­ately placed on the cred­it­or list. You will receive an offi­cial con­firm­a­tion of this by e-mail.


B2C: Con­sumers (riders of Van­Moof bikes):

Con­sumers will sep­ar­ately be informed by the trust­ees about the pro­ced­ure to sub­mit their claim in the bank­ruptcy. Please do not sub­mit a claim via or via e-mail with the trust­ees. The trust­ees will inform you after the sales pro­cess is com­pleted on the pro­ced­ure for sub­mit­ting your claim. For more inform­a­tion please reg­u­larly check the FAQ on VanMoof’s web­site via: About VanMoof’s current situation : Support. This Q&A provides answers to cer­tain ques­tions of cus­tom­ers in rela­tion to the Dutch leg­al entit­ies and the Dutch stores. Updates will be provided as soon as pos­sible as the situ­ation pro­gresses.