HVG Law helps mak­ing cur­rent con­tract pro­cesses more effi­cient, sus­tain­able and future­proof


  • Doc­u­ment gen­er­a­tion and assembly: tem­plates and play­books provide clause-con­trol and auto-gen­er­ate ini­tial drafts.
  • Doc­u­ment repos­it­ory: all con­tracts held in a single search­able repos­it­ory.
  • Con­tract Life­cycle Man­age­ment: defin­ing your need, tech­no­logy selec­tion and imple­ment­a­tion.
  • Con­tract review and repa­per­ing: for example with repos­it­ory changes such as IBOR or Schrems II.
  • Con­tracts-as-a-Ser­vice: tailored sup­port mod­els, com­bin­ing data man­age­ment, pro­ject sup­port and BAU con­tract­ing.
  • Con­tract data dash­board for action­able insights.


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