Leg­al Oper­a­tions

Creating an efficient legal function through an optimal combination of people, processes and technology

Reimagining the legal function

Driven by people, guided by processes, supported by technology. This is how we stay relevant today while focussing on the future. Our HVG Law Legal Operations teams support legal departments in their transformation.


The pressure of transformation on legal departments
Companies face increasing costs and more complex regulations. The in-house lawyer is asked to do more work with fewer resources, but also to ensure that the (legal) risks are mitigated. More and more General Counsels are looking for new ways to modernize the legal function and thus add value to the organization. For legal departments, it can be difficult to determine how to start this process, what to focus on, what resources can be deployed, and what the definition of success is. This is where HVG Law helps.


What HVG Law can do for you
HVG Law’s lawyers and consultants tackle today’s problems and help shape the future with a strategy for the legal department. From legal advice and legal operations to managed services, we provide the services your legal department needs to better enable the business and create additional value.


How HVG Law helps

At HVG Law, we believe the answers lie in collaboration, strategy and creating an ecosystem that has been shaped for the future. We leverage our existing cross-functional relationships and our global, multidisciplinary approach to connect the right people in the right places through a technology-backed workflow, weaving the legal function throughout the business process. With multidisciplinary teams that help HVG Law clients address business challenges beyond the legal function, we provide services for today and adapt strategies for the future.


Our services

"Making sure your legal function is ready for the future, that is my motivation."

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