Mer­gers, acquis­i­tions and joint ven­tures

Clear and balanced agreements are of major importance

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Designing and structuring the desired cooperation

In practice, healthcare institutions frequently need a great variety of forms of cooperation and partnership. Examples include a one-off collaboration based on a cooperation agreement, a joint venture company, a merger or an acquisition. When entering into joint ventures, clear and balanced agreements are of major importance. These include agreements about the actual cooperation as well as provisions for terminating the cooperation when parties no longer want to work together. In addition, a joint venture or a cooperation agreement can be a good precursor to a merger between the healthcare institutions or an acquisition of a healthcare institution. The same applies to an administrative merger. With our extensive knowledge of and experience with healthcare-related legislation and regulations and our expertise in corporate law, we regularly provide advice to healthcare institutions when the desired cooperation is being designed and structured.

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