Cor­por­ate Gov­ernance & Leg­al Con­trol Frame­work

Complex legislation and regulations in the healthcare sector change constantly

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Get and keep control of the key legal risks

Legislation and regulations in the healthcare sector are complex and change constantly as a result of incidents. That is why healthcare organizations not only wish to be compliant, but also wish to control the key legal risks. Especially now that the supervision of governance is becoming more stringent. So, how do you translate the legal principles into practice? Because only if rules are known, they can be complied with. The Legal Control Framework helps you to bring and keep the legal basis in order. We help you to be compliant and in control of the key legal risks of your healthcare organization.


HVG Law has developed a clear, four-step methodology to set up a Legal Control Framework. These four steps consist of:

  1. analysis of the way in which the legal knowledge, policy, tasks and awareness are embedded in the healthcare organization
  2. prepare an overview of the most important legal processes of the healthcare organization
  3. identify the relevant legal risks of the healthcare organization
  4. document the legal processes and control measures for the healthcare organization


Such process often goes hand in hand with fiscal control, whereby we use the Tax Control Framework. More information about the Tax Control Framework can be found on this website (only available in Dutch).

Governance Healthcare Scan

Do you want to know whether or not your healthcare organization is compliant and what can be gained in the field of culture and behavior? We work with the Governance Healthcare Scan developed in cooperation with EY Tax. With this scan we provide numerous Dutch healthcare organizations insights into their governance and improvements areas.


The Governance Healthcare Scan has been developed for the board of a healthcare organization. In a secure web module, the board answers thirty questions, divided into culture, compliance and corporate social responsibility. We incorporate the results into a practical report, which we explain to you in person. Both the scan and this meeting are free of charge.


Interested? Request the Governance Healthcare Scan by clicking here (only available in Dutch)!

"We help institutions get the legal preconditions right, so that healthcare directors can focus on innovation."