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Real estate developers, governments and real estate funds are demanding and the interests are high due to the continuously developing and challenging market.  In addition, real estate transactions always draw specific attention because of changing public opinion.  In order to offer optimal results, our (candidate) civil law notaries work closely with lawyers and tax advisers.  We are able to guide clients through the entire real estate transaction with regard to purchase, sale or refinancing.

The strategic alliance between HVG Law and EY Tax gives our notarial department easy access to tax specialists at the client’s request and if the situation so requires.




Our services include the following:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating all transaction documentation, as well as coordinating the transaction
  • handling Due Diligence investigations and drafting legal (Vendor) Due Diligence reports (for purchase or sale)
  • handling the required notarial checks and execution of the notarial deed of mortgage and the notarial deed of transfer

"Complex real estate financing requires legal and tax expertise."

Jan Hein Copijn

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