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Corporate governance code

In the Netherlands, the rules and conditions for good corporate governance are laid down in the Tabaksblat Code. The code is applicable to listed companies and plays a part in particular in the remuneration of board members, the position of shareholders and the number of supervisory board memberships a person may hold.

Our lawyers will advise you on the Code’s legal implications for your organisation and the existing contracts with your stakeholders. We also offer support with the implementation of the code in your company.

Share and option schemes

The design of share-based compensation schemes for employees requires a careful approach. Our lawyers will help you to achieve the best possible match between human resources objectives and the tax, financial and legal preconditions.

In the international roll-out of the plan, our task is to ensure that the scheme and the offer to the employees comply with local regulations. Our international network of lawyers and tax specialists, in close cooperation with our lawyers in the Netherlands, carries out all the work that is necessary on a local level, e.g. filing documents in Malaysia, carrying out a compliance investigation in Rwanda or arranging a translation in Bulgaria.

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