Webin­ar: How are organ­iz­a­tions facing Schrems II chal­lenges?

September 20, 2021



This webin­ar has already taken place.


We invite you to join our webin­ar to hear our insights from over a year of exper­i­ence in vari­ous Schrems II-pro­jects.


Saskia Vermeer-de Jongh (HVG Law) and Wout Olieslagers (HVG Law) will provide leg­al insights with regard to the Schrems II-rul­ing. Ber­na­dette Wesdorp (EY Con­sult­ing) will provide tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al insights. You can register via the sign up but­ton on this page.


The 2020 Schrems II-rul­ing of the EU Court of Justice and recent guid­ance of the European Data Pro­tec­tion Board have far-reach­ing implic­a­tions for all organ­iz­a­tions trans­fer­ring per­son­al data out­side the European Eco­nom­ic Area (EEA). It can be chal­len­ging for organ­iz­a­tions to decide on the approach to imple­ment this rul­ing and guid­ance. Dur­ing Schrems II-pro­jects, we have exper­i­enced that sev­er­al factors are cru­cial for determ­in­ing the approach. Examples of those factors are that organ­iz­a­tions are tak­ing the num­ber of inter­na­tion­al data trans­fers into account, the avail­able inform­a­tion, their risk appet­ite, the renew­al date of their con­tracts, etc. These and oth­er factors and dif­fer­ent approaches will be dis­cussed dur­ing our inter­act­ive webin­ar.


We are also inter­ested in learn­ing your organization’s approach regard­ing Schrems II – espe­cially in the main chal­lenges you are facing.


It prom­ises to be an inter­est­ing and prac­tice-ori­ented webin­ar.



Monday 20 September, 2021


11.00 - 12.00 CEST

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