"Complex real estate transactions require legal but practical knowledge."

Thérèse Fraai

Associate Partner / Lawyer

Thérèse Fraai

Thérèse Fraai

Real Estate | Rotterdam


Thérèse is an Assiociate Partner at HVG Law and works in the expertise Real Estate since 2001. Thérèse specializes in commercial tenancy law.


Thérèse specializes in tenancy law for both commercial and residential accommodation. She acts for both landlords and tenants and her work focuses mainly on supervising and assisting with transactions and advising, negotiating and litigating in complex tenancy matters, including redevelopments, renovations, defects, lease terminations and evictions, substitutions and rent adjustments. Her clients include developers, investors, pension funds, housing corporations, retailers and hospitality entrepreneurs, governments, banks and brokers.

As Thérèse regularly teaches and publishes in her field, she is able to advise and conduct transactions in a practical way based on in-depth legal knowledge.

Additional information

Thérèse is a member of the Association of Tenancy Lawyers and regularly teaches in her field (including at the University of Utrecht). In addition, Thérèse is a permanent employee of the Tijdschrift voor Huurrecht Bedrijfsruimte (TvHB) and the Tijdschrift voor de Procespraktijk (TvPp). She is also co-author of the book Garanties in de rechtspraktijk, published in 2015 by Wolters Kluwer. Thérèse is also a permanent member of the graduation sessions of the Avans-Fontys Law School.

Contact information

[email protected] +31 6 13 87 28 16