Corporate Responsibility

Responsible and sus­tain­able entre­pren­eur­ship

Responsible and sus­tain­able entre­pren­eur­ship

Being able to con­trib­ute to CSR is inspir­ing and refresh­ing

Responsible and sus­tain­able entre­pren­eur­ship is inher­ent to our val­ues and to the way we do busi­ness. This enables us to provide long-term added value for our employ­ees, cli­ents and the soci­ety and envir­on­ment of which we are a part. We chan­nel our cor­por­ate social respons­ib­il­ity efforts into the fol­low­ing core areas.

Founding part­ner Pro Bono Connect

As a respons­ible employ­er, we encour­age our people to con­trib­ute to civil soci­ety organ­isa­tions, because our know­ledge is our greatest added value. We do this inter alia by spon­sor­ing Pro Bono Connect. Through Pro Bono Connect, we offer free leg­al advice and sup­port to a large group of civil soci­ety organ­isa­tions (NGOs) that rep­res­ent the gen­er­al interest in the area of human rights.


A healthy envir­on­ment is import­ant for our people and for our organ­isa­tion. We have iden­ti­fied a num­ber of in-house ini­ti­at­ives to reduce our envir­on­ment­al impact. This has res­ul­ted in policies focused, for example, on redu­cing energy and paper con­sump­tion, sourcing envir­on­ment­ally friendly products, encour­aging the use of elec­tric cars and intro­du­cing an eco­lo­gic­ally respons­ible travel policy for all staff mem­bers.

Our people

HVG Law offers employ­ees every oppor­tun­ity to devel­op, grow and be suc­cess­ful. One of the ways we do this is by integ­rat­ing cor­por­ate social respons­ib­il­ity into our in-house train­ing pro­grammes through HVG Law School. In this way, employ­ees are provided with tools to help them devel­op into com­pet­ent and socially skilled indi­vidu­als in soci­ety.

Creating a healthy work­ing envir­on­ment for our employ­ees con­trib­utes to the qual­ity of our ser­vices.

"Using our know­ledge and expert­ise for a social pur­pose that matches our DNA."

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