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On HVG Law Blogs & Views you will find current blogs, videos, infographics, analyses and interviews about the legal dimension of doing business.

We talk to organisations and entrepreneurs who are confronted with major legislative changes and to innovative organisations that offer products or services for which no clear legislation has been adopted, but also to entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences with large transactions, major reorganisations, international restructuring, etcetera. Successes, challenges and mistakes are highlighted.

Our bloggers react to current events on a daily basis, provide visual insight into complex issues and share their findings from the field, trying to turn them into lessons that are useful to organisations.

The Bigger Picture

Directors, managers and entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds. There are many “issues of the day”: a failed delivery that needs to be corrected, a client who suddenly ends its business relationship, an important presentation, a job interview.


Other matters are part of the bigger picture of managing an organisation, and go beyond today’s concerns.

Good managers are usually able to put things into perspective and make the right choices at the right time.


But if they worry about something, what would that be?


HVG Law distinguishes four ‘major’ relevant themes for directors, managers, entrepreneurs or CEOs of organisations; these will be addressed in more detail in our campaign.

In a series of reflections from our various fields of expertise, HVG Law explores the following topics.

The Bigger Picture