Brexit is hap­pen­ing

Legal implications


On 31 Janu­ary 2020, the United King­dom left the European Uni­on. A trans­ition peri­od applies until 31 Decem­ber 2020. Des­pite all the uncer­tain­ties con­cern­ing Brexit, it is clear that Brexit, in whatever form, will have major leg­al implic­a­tions for European com­pan­ies doing busi­ness with the United King­dom, and vice versa.

Although the COVID-19 crisis will con­tin­ue to have a major impact in the com­ing peri­od, it is import­ant to also con­sider which implic­a­tions Brexit will have for your com­pany.

Our team of exper­i­enced law­yers can advise you on and/or assist you not only in the run-up to, but also after, imple­ment­a­tion of Brexit.

HVG Law has lis­ted in sev­er­al Law Alerts, for a vari­ety of leg­al top­ics, the diverse leg­al con­sequences of Brexit, indic­at­ing also which pos­sible leg­al ‘quick wins’ could be achieved in the short term.

Fol­low us on this web­site and social media. We will soon organ­ize a webin­ar on the vari­ous leg­al top­ics regard­ing Brexit.