Health­care Pro­viders Admis­sion Act

Healthcare Providers Admission Act ("HPAA") and Healthcare Institutions Accreditation Act (in Dutch: Wet toelating zorginstellingen) ("HIAA")


Since Septem­ber 2017, the legis­lat­ive pro­pos­al of the new Health­care Pro­viders Admis­sion Act (“HPAA“) and the related legis­lat­ive pro­pos­al on the HPAA Adapt­a­tion Act have been pub­lished.

With the entry into force of both legis­lat­ive pro­pos­als, the cur­rent admis­sion pro­ced­ure of the Health­care Insti­tu­tions Accred­it­a­tion Act (“HIAA“) will be replaced by a report­ing oblig­a­tion and an admis­sion per­mit.

In this Law Alert we inform you about the inten­ded changes.