CONO Kaas­makers

HVG Law has assisted CONO Kaasmakers with strengthening its collaboration with Klaver Kaas, through incorporation of the joint venture Kaas van Noord-Holland B.V.


The companies CONO Kaasmakers and Klaver Kaas, from the Noord-Holland region, have been cooperating for a long time in milk and the production of ‘specialty cheeses’. This long-term cooperation has now been strengthened by the establishment of the joint venture ‘Kaas van Noord-Holland B.V.’.

With Kaas van Noord-Holland, CONO Kaasmakers and Klaver Kaas will strengthen their position in the market for ‘specialty cheeses’. Kaas van Noord-Holland will offer a broader range of authentic specialty cheeses to the Dutch and international market. The cooperation mainly concerns Noord-Holland herb cheeses made of cowmilk (from Klaver’s and CONO’s livestock farmers) and goat cheese made exclusively from Klaver’s goatmilk.