"Our attorneys and (candidate) civil law notaries work closely together to put enforceable agreements in place."

Martijn Leenders

Candidate Civil Law Notary

Martijn Leenders

Martijn Leenders

Corporate M&A | Corporate restructuring | Civil Law Notaries | Block­chain & Crypto­activa / Amsterdam


Since 2015, Martijn Leenders is employed as candidate civil law notary. He specializes in corporate law and primarily focuses on corporate restructurings.


Martijn works in the expertises Corporate M&A and Corporate restructuring and advises both national and international companies in the setting up of (international) structures and on reorganizations and restructurings, according to the appropriate different tax regimes.

Martijn has gained a lot of experience in the coordination and implementation of Legal Entity Rationalization projects involving multiple jurisdictions.

Martijn has been on assignment in 2018 to our Dutch legal desk by Donahue & Partners LLP in New York.

Since 2019, Martijn has a focus on US clients and works closely with our legal team based in New York, Chicago and San Jose.

Additional information

Martijn graduated from the University of Utrecht in 2013 and has a Dutch master’s degree in Dutch notarial law. He successfully completed the KNB Notarial professional program in 2018.

Before joining HVG Law, Martijn worked as candidate civil law notary in the Amsterdam real estate practice.

Contact information

[email protected] +31 6 29 08 45 61