"For the effective application of AI, a practical approach and hands-on experience are indispensable."

Elgar Weijtmans

Head of Technology

Elgar Weijtmans

Elgar Weijtmans

Legal Tech | Rotterdam


With a dual background in law and computer science, Elgar finds himself at the intersection of technology and law. As the Head of Technology at HVG Law, he is responsible for shaping and executing the firm’s technology and innovation strategy. In this role, he leads various implementation processes of AI, both within HVG Law and for clients.


Elgar specializes in technology and innovation, drawing upon his extensive experience as a technology lawyer and software engineer. His current focus lies in the practical application of AI, where he leverages his unique blend of legal and technological knowledge to provide valuable solutions that address the challenges and opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

Additional information

Elgar’s educational background includes a master’s degree in Information Law from the University of Amsterdam, which he completed before joining HVG Law in 2019. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Elgar also serves as a coach for start-ups with a social objective, demonstrating his commitment to fostering innovation and positive impact in the community.

Contact information

[email protected] +31 6 29 08 39 55