Viking Services

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HVG Law advises on Viking Services’ structure, coordinates and implements their multi-jurisdictional legal matters through our global network and takes care of their ongoing corporate secretarial (CoSec) work.

Arie Dirk de With and Caspar van der Winden of HVG Law work closely together with James Goodman, General Counsel and Company Secretary at Viking Services.

An in depth interview with James Goodman by Modern Counsel, where James Goodman explains how his experience attuning himself to the legal concerns of the Middle East helped him build up and lock down Viking Services’ global legal processes, can be found here.

James Goodman about HVG Law:HVG Law is a firm which employs a team of commercially astute lawyers with a great ability to break down complex legal matters and provide straight forward practical advice and solutions.  Caspar and Arie Dirk have epitomised this standard, which makes both two of HVG Law’s greatest assets.”