De Jong Ver­pakking Hold­ing

HVG Law advised De Jong Verpakking Holding in connection with the acquisition of a majority stake in eCorrugated Ltd.


DJV is a specialist in corrugated board packaging for the fruit and vegetable industry and is the largest independent producer of corrugated board in the Netherlands. eCorrugated Ltd was established in 2011 and serves customers in England and Ireland.

With the establishment of eCorrugated Ltd in Ellesmere Port, eCorrugated Ltd fits well in DJV’s growth philosophy, as DJV does not yet have a production facility in England. DJV has acquired a majority interest in eCorrugated Ltd and will aim to further develop the market in England and Ireland.

"Congratulations to De Jong Verpakking and eCorrugated on entering into such a strategically important cooperation."

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