Clear and concise documents

Sound and accurate documentation that is consistent with your operational management is indispensable within the financial sector. We will ensure that client agreements, outsourcing agreements, prospectuses and information documents will comply with applicable standards. But we will do more, much more.

Based on our ample experience, we will prepare clear and concise documents, regardless of the level of complexity of the underlying subject matter. These documents should be accessible to you, your clients and your business partners, while on the other hand concisely and accurately recording the necessary data. Whenever a multidisciplinary approach is required, we will call in the services of EY finance specialists, such as risk management experts and actuaries.

We have ample experience in drafting, adjusting, reviewing and negotiating financial documents, such as:

  • Compliance documents including remuneration policies, insider trading rules and incidents schemes
  • Precontractual information carriers including prospectuses, key investor information documents (KIIDs) and financial information leaflets
  • General terms and conditions and client agreements
  • Asset management agreements and securities deposit agreements
  • Finance documents and related security documents
  • Documents concerning OTC derivatives transactions, such as ISDA schedules en CSAs



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