Legal Practice Complaints Procedure

Legal Practice Complaints Procedure

HVG Law LLP strives to be of optimal service to you in order to look after your interests in the best possible way. However, it is possible that you may not be totally satisfied with either the quality or any other aspect of the provision of services by one or more of our attorneys or their junior attorney(s), or, as the case may be, you may not agree to the contents of our invoice. If you are dissatisfied with our provision of services or our invoice, please submit your objections to the attorney dealing with your file.

If you cannot reach agreement with this attorney, you can contact in writing our complaints officer, Mr J.W. Andringa, Wassenaarseweg 80, 2596 CZ The Hague / Postbus 90636, 2509 LP The Hague, email:; if he is absent, you can contact the deputy complaints officer, Mr J. Westerhof LL.M, HVG Law LLP, Euclideslaan 1, 3584 BL Utrecht/ Postbus 3053, 3502 GB Utrecht, email:

Please submit your complaint in writing (email) within three years from the time when you became aware of, or could reasonably have become aware of, the acts and/or omissions on the part of the attorney concerned, to the attorney concerned or the complaints officer. We will confirm in writing the receipt of your letter of complaint as soon as possible and, if required, we will invite you and the person(s) regarding whom you have complained, to explain your complaint verbally.

Subsequently, we will strive, insofar as possible, to reach a solution for the arisen problem within four weeks from the receipt of your letter of complaint. We will then confirm this solution to you.

There are no costs attached to the handling of the complaint in conformity with this internal complaints procedure.

If you were to disagree with our opinion, or if there is no response to your letter of complaint within four weeks from receipt thereof, you may contact the Dean of the Bar Association or the competent Court.