Being successful in a digital world

Digitisation is transforming the legal and contractual relationships between businesses, private individuals and governments. As more data are collected, stored and shared by electronic means, not only new possibilities to generate income are created but also new risks and responsibilities, including data protection and internet security.

Digital transformation requires alertness on the part of legal counsel for possible regulatory fines and reputational risks. Our team can help you identify digital risk areas and face the legal challenges in the following areas:

  • Digital data protection and internet security
  • Protection of your trademarks and designs, anywhere in the world
  • Preparing general terms and conditions
  • Consultancy in the field of (European) IT tendering procedures
  • Webshop compliance
  • Setting up privacy structures, such as Binding Corporate Rules
  • Carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Legal audits of privacy/internet security
  • IE due diligence
  • Preparing IP and knowhow policies
  • Open Data and Open Source Software
  • Cloudsourcing



Saskia Vermeer-de Jongh
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