Full-service approach

Pension laws and regulations contain many provisions expressly focusing on pension funds. For that reason, pension funds have our specific attention and require a further specialisation. Our years of experience and interest in this market sector enable us to give you broad advice and assistance for all your questions in this field. We have developed a number of specific products and services for this purpose.

Legal documents
Pension funds must hold various legal documents, such as articles, financing agreements, expertise plans and codes of conduct. The existing pension laws in this field are becoming increasingly specific and nuanced. We can assess whether all the documents mentioned are still in compliance with the changing legislation and, where necessary, make proposals for adjustment.

Pension fund specific products
We can serve you in the following areas, because we have developed special products and a full-service approach in that respect:

  • Formation of the pension fund
  • Merger of pension funds
  • Demerger of pension funds
  • Winding-up of the pension fund

Furthermore, we may assist you with:

  • Expertise training for pension fund directors
  • Preparing or adjusting your expertise plan (e.g. if new board members join or are appointed)


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