"Legal technology will fundamentally change the culture of the financial sector in the coming decades."

Roderick Buijs


Roderick Buijs

Roderick Buijs

Financial Services / Amsterdam


Roderick Buijs is a lawyer and senior manager.  He has approximately 15 years of experience in the financial sector.  In addition to legal advice, he also advises on the application of Legal Managed Services (LMS) within the financial sector.


Roderick works, in particular, for pension funds and other financial (pension) institutions.  Roderick is broadly experienced in various financial-related topics, such as changes to the pension scheme and/or contracts, liquidation of a pension fund, supervision of collective value transfers, issues regarding Law Bpf 2000 and dispute resolution.  He has extensive knowledge of the Legal, Compliance and Risk (implementation) practice of financial institutions.

Roderick has been involved in several projects for the implementation of new financial and pension related products.

Additional information

Roderick graduated from the University of Utrecht in Private Law. He completed a Blockchain & Fintech program at Nyenrode Business University.

Roderick is a member of the Association for Pension Law and an active member of the Innovation Workgroup of KPS.

He is a lecturer at the Institute for Labour Law.

Contact information

roderick.buijs@hvglaw.nl +31 6 21 25 27 31