"Are you aware of the rights and liability of shareholders, managing directors and supervisory directors?"

Ilona Willemars


Ilona Willemars

Ilona Willemars

Corporate M&A / Rotterdam


Ilona Willemars has been working in corporate law in the broadest sense of the word for more than 30 years. Her specialist areas are company law, corporate govenance, equity-based rewards  and joint ventures.

In the area of insolvency law, Ilona settles involuntary liquidations in the capacity of trustee and advises on restarts and last minute situations. At the interface between insolvency law and corporate law, her special interest is the subject of directors liability.


Ilona specialises also in share-related rewards. Ilona has designed share or option plans for (groups of) employees of many stock exchange listed and non-listed enterprises. She also coordinated the international roll-out of these share or option plans.


Additional information

Ilona Willemars is a member of the Netherlands Commercial Law Association (VHR), and the Rotterdam Law Society (RJG).

Ilona has written more than two hundred and fifty publications on her specialist area for various scientific journals and newspapers and she has co-authored several books.

Contact information

ilona.willemars@hvglaw.nl +31 6 29 08 36 11