"Does the subsidiary’s works council have any rights with respect to a contemplated decision of the holding company?"

Gaby van Burken


Gaby van  Burken

Gaby van Burken

Labor & Employment / Rotterdam


Gaby joined the expertise Labor & Employment in 2018. She mainly provides advice on labor law and co-determination law.



  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructurings
  • Collective dismissal law
  • Individual dismissal law

Additional information

In August 2018, Gaby graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a master’s degree in Employment Law. During her studies, after completing her traineeship with HVG Law, Gaby worked for the Labor & Employment Law expertise of HVG Law as a student trainee.

  • Specialist Associations
    Young Employment Lawyers Association (VJAA)

Contact information

gaby.van.burken@hvglaw.nl +31 6 21 25 20 37