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HVG Law Blogs & Visions is the HVG Law platform where you will find timely blogs, videos, infographics, analyses and interviews about the legal dimension of doing business.

We speak to organizations that are faced with impactful changes in legislation, innovative organizations that offer a product or service that does not have clear legislation yet, but also entrepreneurs who share their experiences in large transactions, impactful reorganisations, international restructurings, et cetera. Success stories with the additional challenges but also the missteps are highlighted.

Our bloggers respond daily to current events, make intrinsically complicated matters visually clear and share findings from their daily practice. They try to reduce it to lessons that organizations can learn from.

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In addition, we discuss various issues at www.hvglawblogs.nl that can keep management and general counsel awake, which we approach from a broader, legal perspective.

In a series of reflections from various expertises, HVG Law explores the following four issues:

  • The desire for certainty
  • The continuity of the company
  • The complex society
  • The power of trust


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