Reform of the Posting of Workers Directive: many new rules as of 30 July 2020


As of 30 July 2020 the time has come. From that date, pos­ted work­ers will be entitled, among oth­ers, to equal pay for equal work in the host coun­try. EU Member States have had more than two years to imple­ment the Revision of the Posting of Workers Directive (2018/957/EU), includ­ing the “equal pay for equal work” rules. What is the trans­pos­i­tion status in the EU Member States? In this alert we provide a prac­tic­al over­view of the most import­ant changes as a res­ult of the Reform Directive, as well as a trans­pos­i­tion status update. It is clear that the Reform Directive will likely have a sig­ni­fic­ant impact on the exist­ing glob­al mobil­ity prac­tice.