Import­ant changes: New labor and employ­ment law plans presen­ted


In 2015 Dutch labor and employ­ment law was thor­oughly changed. On 9 April 2018 the gov­ern­ment presen­ted new inten­ded amend­ments regard­ing labor and employ­ment law with the Labor Mar­ket in Bal­ance Bill (in Dutch: “Wet arbeids­markt in bal­ans”).

The gov­ern­ment aims to bring bal­ance on the labor mar­ket by mak­ing it more attract­ive and less risky for employ­ers to offer their employ­ees an employ­ment agree­ment for an indef­in­ite peri­od. To this end, vari­ous meas­ures have been pro­posed. The presen­ted bill pro­poses vari­ous meas­ures relat­ing to dis­missal and flex­ible employ­ment.

In this alert we will dis­cuss the main changes that are pro­posed.